These are the daily interactive lessons for our grade 5 scholars.

Ms. Julie Chang

Ms. Irma Diaz

Ms. Rachel Schlosser

Ms. Leah Wolf

DAY 26-40

27ELA: Ocean Noises
MATH: Are Parallelograms Rectangles?
SCIENCE: Seasonal Appearance of Stars in Night Skies
28ELA: Flowers in Spring
MATH: Squares or not?
SOCIAL STUDIES: What caused the fall of the Qin dynasty?
29ELA: Attack of the Man Eaters
MATH: Categorizing Rhombus
SCIENCE: What do we know about plants and plant growth?
30ELA: Creative Writing
SOCIAL STUDIES: How was the Han Dynasty a response to the Qin Dynasty?
31ELA: Diary Writing Day 1
MATH: Unit 8 Lesson 7 Justify Reasonableness of Measurements
SOCIAL STUDIES: How did the Han Dynasty expand their empire?
32ELA: Diary Writing Day 2
MATH: Unit 8 Lesson 8 Classify Triangles
SCIENCE: Where do plants get their materials for food and growth?
33ELA: Poetry
MATH: Unit 8 Lesson 9 Classify Triangles by their Angles and Sides
SOCIAL STUDIES: How was the Han Dynasty able to maintain its empire?
34ELA: Sketch Notes
MATH: Unit 9 Lesson 1
SCIENCE: How do plants produce the food we eat?
35ELA: Creative Writing
MATH: Coordinate Plane Vocab.
SOCIAL STUDIES: The Zoot Suit Riots
36ELA: Free Write
MATH: Unit 9 Lesson 1 Part 2
SOCIAL STUDIES: Compare: The Han and Roman Empires
38ELA: This I Believe pt.1
MATH: Unit 9 Lesson 2
SOCIAL STUDIES: Compare: Maintaining the Han and Roman Empires
39ELA: This I Believe pt.2
MATH: Unit 9 Lesson 3 (Identify Patterns in Coordinate Pairs)
SCIENCE: How does the number of plants in an ecosystem compare to the number of animals?
40ELA: Publish Writing, Letters (optional)
MATH: Reflection
SOCIAL STUDIES: Why are people out in the streets?