These are the daily interactive lessons for Enrichment.

Ms. Lali del Rio

Mr. Rodney Hayes

Mr. Jimmy Shiau

Ms. Caitlin Testa

DAY 6-10

6SPANISH 5th: Vocabulario – Mi bisabuela
SPANISH 6-8th: Vocabulario – La llorona
ART: U1L3: Rendering Your Drawing
THEATRE 5/6: Theatre Origins
THEATRE 7/8: Theatre Origins
ADVISORY: Identifying and Communicating You Feelings
7PHYSICAL EDUCATION 5: Exercise & Basketball
PHYSICAL EDUCATION 6: Exercise & Basketball
PHYSICAL EDUCATION 7: Exercise & Basketball
PHYSICAL EDUCATION 8: Exercise & Basketball
8SPANISH: Gramática – Verbos Regulares
ART: U2L1: How to Draw a Pine Tree pt. 1
THEATRE 5: Stage Directions
THEATRE 6: Stage Directions
THEATRE 7: Stage Directions
THEATRE 8: Stage Directions
10SPANISH: Duolingo – vocab application
ART: U2L2: How to Draw a Pine Tree pt. 2
THEATRE 5: Theatre Tours
THEATRE 6: Theatre Tours
THEATRE 7: Theatre Tours
THEATRE 8: Theatre Tours